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Smart Metering is the issue of the future. With digitalSTROM our meters become intelligent – practicable and economic. The new technology is the approach for sufficient load control and network management. Existing technical devices and standards can be applied: modems, processors, internal memories, codifications, data privacy, interfaces and management systems. digitalSTROM allows the measurement of consumption data to the level of any electrical device. Thereby the customer decides on the usage of his data. Consequently, energy saving is beneficial and attractive. Manual metering will be unnecessary and the SMART HOME becomes reality.

By the interconnection of electrical devices efficient and effective network management can be provided. To prevent a breakdown of the network digitalSTROM permits a structured deactivation as well as activation
of electrical consumers. Therefore, peak demands can be avoided. Since decades, standardised control signals are used to control devices with high electricity consumption.

The consumption of small electricity devices can sum up to a high amount which was not considered before. digital-STROM allows an automatic reduced cooling of your refrigerator while the heater and the hairdryer in the bathroom are on.


Your demand will be more steady and predictable. A small chip makes it possible. Decreasing and increasing frequencies can be observed even without control signals.

digitalSTROM is an intelligent system. Data is owned by the consumer, existing infrastructure can be used and high efficiency can be reached by the communication among electrical devices.

HOLLEY has realised the changing times. We provide Smart Metering and digital- STROM with only one device, the Smart Meter from HOLLEY. With the integrated dS MUC you will be ready for the digital- STROM era. This comfortable solution is the cornerstone for the Smart Home.

You will also find the simplest solution for Smart Metering in the product portfolio from HOLLEY: EDL-compliant Meter (eHZ/3.HZ) and dS MUC (for the digitalSTROM upgrade).

Take advantage of HOLLEY solutions:

• Smart Meter with integrated ds-MUC
• EDL-compliant Meter (eHZ/3.HZ)
• dS-MUC for the upgrade of the EDL-compliant Meter



Integrated dSMUC solution